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Meet Bethany, a creative spirit from Eddington whose professional journey is woven with the delightful presence of her feline companions, Freya and Gnocchi. In event planning, Bethany blends innovation with precision, adding a personal touch to every project.

Beyond her career, Bethany is a devoted cat mom, finding joy in the playful antics and comforting purrs of Freya and Gnocchi. Known for her warm personality, Bethany's zest for life is contagious, whether she's engrossed in a novel, experimenting in the kitchen (with a watchful eye from Freya), or exploring the outdoors with her feline friends.

With unwavering optimism and the companionship of Freya and Gnocchi, Bethany continues to navigate life's adventures, leaving a positive mark on the world around her.

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