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Wedding Cake

Sweeten your celebration with a thoughtful touch at Meadowbrook. Your package includes a small ceremonial cake for the two of you to share, surrounded by delightful cupcakes for your guests. This not only adds a charming element to your festivities but also streamlines the cake-cutting ceremony, ensuring it's quick and easy. If you desire an extra layer of elegance, we offer the option of a 3-tiered cake for a small additional cost. At Meadowbrook, we cater to your preferences, ensuring your wedding day is filled with the perfect blend of simplicity and sweetness.

Explore our diverse collection of cake toppers, all available for your use at Meadowbrook. This thoughtful addition not only enhances your cake's aesthetic but also saves you money, eliminating the need to spend extra on an item that's often used only once. Choose from our array of options to find the perfect topper that complements your style and adds a personalized touch to your celebration. At Meadowbrook, we believe in making every detail of your special day both memorable and cost-effective.

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