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Meet Carole, our dedicated coordinator and bookkeeper who has been an integral part of the Meadowbrook team since 2010. Carole's commitment and expertise have been instrumental in ensuring the smooth functioning of our operations.

Beyond her professional prowess, Carole is a true aficionado of audiobooks, finding joy in immersing herself in captivating narratives. Her love for literature extends to her personal life, where she shares her space with a delightful array of feline friends, reflecting her deep affection for cats.

When she's not managing events or balancing the books, Carole channels her passion into renovating projects. Whether transforming spaces or breathing new life into old structures, Carole's enthusiasm for renovation is a testament to her creativity and hands-on approach.

With her years of experience, love for literature, an affinity for feline companions, and knack for renovation, Carole brings a multifaceted and vibrant energy to the Meadowbrook family.

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