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DJ and Emcee

Our DJ service is the best in the business. We have built our system to not only provide a top notch sound and multimedia experience, but to save you money too.


If you hire an independent DJ, they have to travel to get wherever they're going, then they have to unload all of their equipment, set up all their equipment, and at the end of the night they have to tear down the equipment, load it back to the truck and then drive home.


They charge you for that time - it's built into their pricing.  


With our DJ system, all we have to do is push play. There is no travel time, no set up to do, so we don't charge what a DJ would charge. We don't have nearly the amount of work to do because we built our DJ and sound system into the building itself.  This also means no ugly speakers taking up room or wires causing tripping hazards.


Our system has speakers in the ceiling, angled at 60 degrees, so the music comes down towards you and your guests, spread evenly throughout the entire room. You don't have one end of the room louder than the other, which is especially nice when you're playing background music for dinner.  


As with our sound system, our ceiling has built-in lights that point down towards the middle of the dance floor, meaning you can look across the room and never get any lights shining directly in your eyes.


The biggest difference between our sound system and that of the typical independent wedding DJ is in the quality of the sound you will hear from our system.  The speakers are the same high powered, high definition audio output you would expect from any professional, but what we have that they don’t is a 300 pound subwoofer, also built directly into the ceiling. The subwoofer is an integral part of any sound system that produces deep bass tones that regular speakers just can’t make, so the sound is more balanced and appealing.

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