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At Meadowbrook, we understand that planning a wedding can be both time-consuming and costly. That's why we offer an all-inclusive package designed to save couples both time and money. By bundling all essential services into one comprehensive package, couples can avoid the hassle of sourcing each item individually, which often results in higher costs. Additionally, we provide discounts for couples who choose to use their own vendors for certain items, further maximizing savings. To illustrate the potential savings, below is a price comparison showcasing the cost-effectiveness of our all-inclusive package. It's important to note that while we encourage personalization, we do not allow outside food service or potlucks, nor do we permit BYOB or outside alcohol vendors, ensuring a seamless and high-quality experience for all our couples. With Meadowbrook, planning your dream wedding is not only stress-free but also budget-friendly.

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Our price comparison highlights the inclusions of our all-inclusive package compared to the average cost of a wedding in Maine for 100 guests. This comparison offers couples a clear view of the savings achieved by choosing Meadowbrook's comprehensive offering. With everything from venue rental to catering and decor covered, our package ensures a stress-free and budget-friendly wedding planning experience.

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