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Photography isn’t just about recording what happens at your wedding.  Sure, there will be plenty of formal portraits, candid moments caught, and enough decoration shots to fill a Pinterest board, but the star of the show are those special photos you hang on your wall that make your friends stop and stare at every time they come visit; the shots that you will look at fifty years from now and say “I can’t believe that was us!”  Those shots are a combination of the energy and personality of the happy couple mixed with the experience and artistic vision of the photographer.  When that all comes together it makes a truly unique piece of art that your family will treasure for generations.


We believe that a good photographer isn’t just about what they print out.  They need to be able to make the bride, groom, and the rest of the family feel at ease with the awkwardness of having your picture taken, and personality, professionalism, and experience are the only way to make that happen.  These are your memories, on your day, and nothing should stand in the way of preserving those memories for a lifetime.  We make our relationships with our clients a top priority so we all feel comfortable enough to relax and have a good time during a busy and stressful day.


Meadowbrook Photography is a branch of the Meadowbrook Reception Center that specializes in wedding photography around the state of Maine, as well as at our home in the Meadowbrook Reception Center.  Based in Eddington, Maine, Meadowbrook Photography has been creating and preserving memories for happy couples since 2011. 

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